Analyzing The Disadvantages Of Customer’s Reviews To Ecommerce Store

As we all know, customer reviews play a vital role in the growth of the Online Product Selling Website. E-commerce is one of the most potent tools which gives an open platform to the people to share their thoughts and ideas about the website.

Every business must consider negative aspect reviews also at its product page. There are many Merchandise Selling Sites in USA and Online Product Selling Website in New York who receive many types of negative feedback. But they accept it as a challenge and try to make improvements in their Free Website to Sell Products.

This article will take you on a ride where you will get to know about many of the disadvantages of the customer's review. However, this can be eliminated with some practices of delivering genuine and quality products at the worth price.

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7 factors which can affect reversely to the customer’s review

However, only reviews do not increase the product sale. There are also some other factors on which the customer's decision of purchasing goods depends:

  • Price of product: The customers will buy anything which is in their budget. Maybe that some products are in their budget, but due to a high number of negative reviews, people will avoid investing in the product, which is also not worth the others.
  • Risk factor: Some products have a non-return policy, which increases the risk factor while making any purchase. Many people make negative comments on the websites which affect the sale of that product. Every person wants security while investing in anything and if this function is not available on the website, then they will try some other site.
  • Star rating: The star rating of the site also attracts several people. It is observed that a website with a high number of negative reviews has low star ratings. The low ratings will also divert the mind of the customer to make a purchase.
  • Search engine ranking: The low star rating results in the low search engine ranking. Search engines will not give preference to the low rating websites. And as a result, people will not find the store for online shopping.
  • Negative Reviews: Along with many positive reviews, some negative reviews also exist on the website. Negative things impact is also negative on the customers who are willing to shopping online wholesale products
  • Risk of reputation: Negative reviews will even lower down the website's reputation. This is not a good sign of good business.
  • Reviews number: Excess number of positive reviews attracts more people, while less number does not satisfy the customers. Negative feedback does It seems to get less information and strike the mind with adverse effects.  

These are some of the factors which can make the person avoid the wholesale purchase from your website. Hence it is essential to arrange all the facilities on your site so that people do not avoid shopping online International wholesale products from your website.

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