When Choosing An Architect, What Pay Attention To

An alternative to construction according to the catalog design is to find an architect who will undertake the creation of a concept suited to our needs and then develop a construction or construction-detailed design based on it (depending on the contract between the investor and designer).

When selecting an architect, pay attention to

However, for all these assumptions to be met - you need to choose the designer well. Meanwhile, many investors choosing this solution make one of two basic mistakes: Pays attention only to the price (and sometimes deadline), or he immediately reports to one of the recognized, reputable offices believing that he entrusts his future home to the best specialists. Both of these ways of reasoning carry a risk,Civil contractor in Patna, Bihar with the first one definitely greater. Working with an architect requires good and precise communication. Even the best specialist, awarded many times and quoted in the press, will not have supernatural powers and will not be able to exceed our expectations and needs in any way.

A common language is a basis 

So the first features you should look for in a designer should be the ease of finding a common language and the aesthetics of the designs he makes. So let's first review the portfolio without paying attention to the size of the presented projects or the layout of the rooms - and the aesthetics (we recommend the service). Each architect has his own unique style, corresponding aesthetics, and preferred range of solutions. Although the design will be carried out so that it primarily meets the investor's requirements - the architect's own preferences will also have a significant impact on his final appearance.

So if, for example, you dream of a traditional house with a red roof, shutters, and paintings under the window - you should rather reject the offers of designers who like modern forms of glass and aluminum, because the most likely result of such cooperation (as long as the architect undertakes it) will be dissatisfied investor, frustrated designer and poor project was done without conviction. In turn, if we would like to live in a modern house with large glazing, a simple, modernist block, and very modern structural and spatial solutions - we should rather avoid studios that revolve in the historicist aesthetics, proposing houses in the manor style. In addition to the reasons mentioned, one more thing should be added: the more modern solutions, the more knowledge, and experience in their use they require.

Look for an architect around 

It is also worth looking for the studio around the future construction site. This is mainly due to facilitated cooperation with the designer already at the stage of work.

And don't cheat - problems at the construction site will definitely appear. Whether it is the fault of designers, contractors, and investors or as a result of unforeseen circumstances (and most often a combination of parts or all of the above) - design and construction are complex processes that depend on many factors.

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