Pyria Problem: Its Main Causes and Treatment

Pyria is a very common problem which normally occurs due to inflammation in the gingival tissues. The inflammation is the type of toxin found in plaque which causes the type of bacteria problem. These bacterial infections affect the gums and teeth and create many issues such as bad breath, tooth loss, etc. There are many cases in which the bacteria have travel inside the stomach through the bloodstream and affect the internal body part.

Pyria is also known as periodontal disease and periodontitis, and the dentist from the best dental clinic in Delhi has said that if this remains untreated then it may result in the tooth lose too. It is important to get it treated as soon as possible. Top dentist in Delhi has remarked some of the common mistakes which can develop the problem of Pyria. Check out:

Tobacco: The very first reason is the habit of eating too much Tobacco. This is very bad for teeth and develops various types of bacteria and gum disease. Smokers' teeth are highly affected by the tartar build-up on the teeth. Though if they will care for teeth hygiene, but still they are getting the regular attack of the Tobacco on their whole dental health.
Dental Care: This is very important to maintain dental Hygiene so that no bacteria can get a chance to develop in the mouth. Brush twice in a day, make habit of flossing after every meal and clean the tongue regularly.
Genetic: It has been researched that 30% of the population is having the genetic effects for suffering from Pyria. If you have a genetic history of having the gum disease then keep checking the dentist for prevention.
Pregnancy: The whole body becomes sensitive during pregnancy and so as teeth also. Morning sickness, hormonal changes, not brushing the tooth are some reasons to develop the Pyria problem.
• Medicines: Sometimes the high dose tablets can also develop the problem of Pyria. The drugs of oral contraceptive pills, anti-depressants, heart medicines, and steroids can affect badly on dental health.

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Symptoms of Pyria

• Some of the basic symptoms of Pyria are:
• Bad breath can be felt to someone else. One will always have the feel of the bad taste of mouth.
• One will have the bleeding gums during and after brushing time.
• Some have to suffer from the swollen red or tender teeth.
•Receding Gums
•The teeth become loose.
•The alignment of teeth gets an imbalance and sometimes it fits the partial dentures.


Personal hygiene is one of the best ways to prevent your teeth form any type of dental problem. If the problem arises then it is important to consult with your dentist for the treatment.

Final Words

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