6 Things You didn’t Know About Cremica Cookies

Cookies have been an inseparable part of our lives since time immemorial. Be it the crackers that we love with our tea or the Choco-chip biscuits that kids love to take for their school picnic, cookies are one of the most sought-after packaged food products in the world. Undeniably, there are innumerable cookie brands in the world; however, some have made their mark. Cremica, a brand associated with high-quality, healthy biscuits, is one of the leading names in the Indian market which caters to the nation’s consumers since 1978.

Let’s discover 6 things that you (most likely) don’t know about Cremica Cookies.

  • Empowering Women - Started by an ambitious woman entrepreneur, Mrs. Rajni Bector, the brand is known for its wide variety of cookies. Known for her marvelous achievements in the field, Mrs. Bector evolved her undying love for baked goods into a name that is now recognized all across the globe.

  • Variety – One of the most important features that consumers of Cremica biscuits may not be aware of is its huge line of products. The brand is driven towards bringing new additions to its product portfolio. As of now, Cremica classifies its biscuits in five different categories, namely – healthy cookies (digestive biscuits & Marie), creams (cream biscuits), crackers, cookies (made with cashew, butter, and other flavors), and glucose.

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  • Quality and Nutrition – Did you know that Cremica, as a packaged food brand, is known for its world-class recipes, healthy ingredients, and state-of-the-art manufacturing and packaging standards? Each product crafted by the company is known for its outstanding taste and exceptional quality. Due to its unfathomable commitment towards creating and selling supreme-quality products in the world, Cremica has been considered as a benchmark for quality ever since its inception. This has enabled the brand to earn several accolades ad accreditations including HACCP, FSSC 22000, and US FDA. Furthermore, the brand excels in applying quality tools such as Six Sigma, Kaizen, and Value Stream Mapping throughout the various stages of the manufacturing process. Every product in Cremica’s line of product is created keeping in mind you and your family’s wellness. Cremica cookies are made with wheat, whole grain, natural fibers, and a lot of love and care.

  • Global Reach – Cremica is not just a household name in India but the company’s reach expands over countries and continents. At present, the brand sells its products to over 80 countries in the world, including Australia, the United States, Canada, as well as some countries in Africa and Europe. In fact, Cremica is one of the most valued suppliers of cookies and other baked products internationally.

  • Line of Products – Cookies may be the star attraction of the brand, but Cremica is also recognized for its collection of breads. Sold under the brand “English Oven,” Cremica breads comprise brown breads, pizza base, sweet breads, as well as a range of healthy breads.

  • Social Contribution - The brand’s role towards the Indian society also speaks of its exemplary standards and values. Cremica strongly supports Clean India (Swacch Bharat Mission) and regularly takes cleanliness initiatives around its neighborhoods and factories. Furthermore, the brand also addresses the importance of a greener climate which is why the Cremica family has pledged to plant at least a hundred saplings every year.

Whether it is for children, adults, or the elderly, Cremica creates products which are not just good for your taste buds but also for your health. With so much goodness in not only their products but also their values and vision, Cremica is not just a brand of cookies, but for a better tomorrow.

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