Changing the education system by creating an enhanced learning situation

                     We always followed a traditional old system of education and it’s not possible to change all over sudden. It’s a slow and steady process. We can’t throw the root of education we should bring some changes according to the time and the mentality of the students and modern era. Some people still want to follow the traditional textbook and book-oriented traditional method. And they think that it’s the best way to learn and enhance the learning process. But we must accept that time is changing the mentality and the whole process of learning and teaching is changing so we must accept some sort of changes to bring interest and concentration of students towards learning process. It can attain through the use of modern devices and tools while teaching.

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stop thinking about altering the system of education overnight and immediately

                                 We can bring some sort of changes; stop thinking about altering the system of education overnight and immediately. We have to attempt to use computer technologies to develop the learning process. The use and presence of computer technology in schools and colleges may increase student’s interest and by serving the real-life learning experience they will understand the whole concept of education and it is important in real life situation. At first, teachers should be well trained to use the modern devices and modern technology while teaching. Student’s oriented curriculum should be planned and executed. By adopting new technologies in the classroom students can easily connect to the subject. The teaching must be favourable to the students and their interest should be our priority. In olden days in traditional method teacher used to teach textbook oriented teaching which was boredom to the students. They only had a textbook and limited material but now teaching-learning method changed completely. Textbooks are still there but it’s not subject oriented anymore. Its students oriented. Students must be given importance. They must participate in discussions and other activities. For this teacher must be well prepared and well educated about the student’s psychology and their taste.

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                                                                Role play by students always makes them more energetic and more feels like they are more impotent. Students must feel like they are included in the teaching process. Student’s physical and mental presence is very important. By changing the teaching method and strategies we can bring some kind of changes in learning the outcome. Teachers must not give much importance to the textbook. Teachers must give out many other roles in the classroom. An important use of technology is its ability to generate innovative opportunities for a set of courses and bringing authentic world trouble and difficulties into the classroom for students to discover and get to the bottom of it. Technology can lend a hand to generate energetic surroundings in which students not only resolve problems but also find their own inconvenience. Learning through real-world contexts is not a new idea. Students must be involved in the authentic experience and concrete experiences like field trips, lab work, and study programs. Using technologies in a classroom environment is adaptable and workable. Different types of technologies can be used in the interactive method. It is easy to create a sound environment in which students can learn by doing and they will get feedback immediately which will help them improve their performance. Our education system must help the students to set their future goal. The education system must be based on real-world problems into the classroom. Scaffolding method must be adopted by the teacher in the teaching process. New education must provide scaffolding and tools to enhance the learning process. As I said it’s not easy to change the whole system suddenly it will take time. We have to change the mentality of people first and then they will accept the new technological developments and new thoughts in learning and teaching process.

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