What is the difference between FUE and FUT hair transplant & its cost?

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Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which a small punch of grafts or a larger strip consists of healthy hair grafts is implanted to cover the bald head areas. The head area from which the hair grafts are obtained is surgically termed as the “donor area”. Hair grafts are categorized as the micrograft, follicular unit, and bi- follicular unit. Hair transplant is referred as the best and permanent solution aesthetically to cover the bald head areas or to improve the lower hair density. Strategically, hair transplant is performed according to the present hair density of hair donor areas and condition of bald or hairless head areas. Once the surgeon conducted folliscopy of a patient, this revolutionary transplant surgery can be performed two ways after a preoperative assessment:

FUE Hair Transplant:  

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUT hair transplant is a minimally invasive hair harvesting technique performed by implanting single hair grafts in tiny holes crafted by the surgeon. Single hair grafts are obtained from a shortlisted donor area with rich hair density. Also known as traditional hair strip surgery, this “no scar” hair transplant method is a faster way to restore hair on the back side of head areas and thin hair crown or for minor hairline correction, especially, where up to 3,000 graft transplant is required.

Fine precision, tiny in size, also called as punches are made by the surgeon under the effect of local anesthesia. No linear scar is left behind except for small scars that heal in just three to seven days.     

FUT Hair Transplant:

Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT hair transplant is a surgically proven technique recommended to cover huge bald head areas. A large strip consists of healthy hair follicles is extracted from the back head area or donor area and is harvested to the recipient area. This transplant can be accomplished in just a single sitting under the administration of local anesthesia. The wound of size 1mm recovers in a duration of 7- 10 days and becomes less visible once the hair growth occurs.

A best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi properly guides an interested patient with estimated timelines of recovery, medications and post-surgery precautions.

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